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[icon] The unreal is more powerful than the real.
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Time:02:33 pm
i'm in love love love
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Subject:MISS TMA
Time:06:50 pm
3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36 39 all work hard work hard be nice

you're a real person!
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Time:04:23 pm

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Time:09:16 am
so i just got back from rome late last night.


it was nice, very small, but i liked it a lot. we stayed at some hotel in the center of town and took the metro. i saw the colloseum, the pantheon, the roman forum and the ruins, the trevi fountain, the freaking sistine chapel!, the vatican, st. peter's, the tomb of the fallen soldier, and the jewish museum and the jewish ghetto in rome. it was so freaking sick.

rome was lovely. there were free fountains everywhere to fill up water bottles to stay hydrated. i had some really damn good bruschetta and pizza and potatoes and tomatoes and everything was just delicious. i'm getting so food-spoiled! i'm never going to eat when i come back to america.

i am spending 4th of july on a lovely island called sardinia. i will be flying into the airport on the coast and staying a block away from the beach in alghero. my boyfriend will be there along with cynthia, a bunch of other people from the program here, and one of our friends who is studying in genova. we will rent a speedboat, i hope.

we are trying to plan a weekend to rent a vespa and go driving around the hills of tuscany. we want to drive through the olive trees and maybe over to do a wine tasting in chianti. you know, where they make all that chianti wine that is only made IN italy IN chianti. that'd be really awesome. and hopefully we can visit capri? i'd really like that.

i've been doing some street photography, and i'm impressing myself with how good i'm getting at it. i thought i was a straight up studio/location girl only and none of this available light stuff. we shall see. rome has been photographically successful for me. i am trying to plan a shoot soon with some of the girls here, some beauty stuff with available light. maybe i will do it tomorrow. yes. that seems like a great plan. also, i'm getting to be better at painting. who the hell would have thought??

i'm going to go read about michelangelo on our terrace. ooh la la fancy me.

I MISS EVERYONE A LOT - ESPECIALLY BROOKLYN AND ALL THE PEOPLE IN IT! keep me posted on the things you guys are doing please please please and postcards will be sent out this week!
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Subject:UM, WTF. ITALY.
Time:09:06 am
i've been keeping a written journal but i feel like i should totally update this and let you guys know that italy is amazing. all the food is freaking delicious, even the packaged stuff that is probably their lowest quality of goods. the fruits and vegetables are the freshest things i've ever tasted. each cheese is better than the next. i have had the most delicious cheesecake i've ever had in my life, made with mascarpone cheese. i thought it was just cream. with fresh berries and a really good crust. I DON'T EVEN LIKE CHEESECAKE! the restaurant was beautiful and atop the hills of florence in tuscany. i also don't really like olives but joe bought these freshly made green olives from this guy at the open air market and oh man. wow.

the language barrier is my favorite part. each time i tell them what i want, even if brokenly, it makes me feel so much more empowered. its like a drug. gosh i never want to go home. traveling is going to get addicting. i want to go everywhere and learn everything. its crazy how much you pick up when youre forced into the situation and have no choice.

i just had the best sandwich i ever had in my life. it was 4 euro, which is kind of expensive, but man was it worth it. buffalo mozzarella, provolone (REAL provolone) and mad good swiss with pesto and fresh tomatoes. i never wanted to stop eating it. like, never. i was so sad when i was done.

our place is suuuuper tiny and i could hear cynthia typing upstairs last night, lol. it's really typical florence, like, pretty much what you would expect a tiny little place to look like. i wish we had a common space other than the kitchen, something more comfy, but i guess it will do. we have a little terrace that overlooks other peoples' terraces and apartments, lol. we're going to get a table out there soon - can't wait!

i could talk for hours about the food (and i did! with tamara haha) but i will end this now. this has been amazing and italy is way cooler than london because i'm learning the language and able to afford the food of the country and the culture whereas london can sod off. :D sorry lauren and liz!
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Time:01:09 pm
I figured I'd let all of you in livejournal land know I'm in London, safe and sound, with Joe! We're staying near Oxford Circus with our friend Justin. Shit is sick here, just mad expensive, but I can't help but love it. I really, really love it here. I can't stay long, we're off to go do some fancy shit like museums and galleries and markets and stuff, but leave comments!!! I miss you guys, but London is so beautiful. <3333

We also didn't get lost, or robbed, or get our baggage misplaced. ALL IS WELL!
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Time:06:58 pm
Well, at least for a little bit.


Holy shit. That was AWESOME. Some kid congratulated me and I had no idea what he was talking about. I thought he meant the Addy award that I won $500 for. WRONG. Checked my email and THERE IT WAS!!!

Then I got awarded $500 more from RIT for this year for financial aid. I think I might use the $500 to fund my plane ticket to Europe this summer.

AAAAAAAAAAAND! a piece of mine is going to be in a gallery exhibit in Rochester in a few weeks!! No money there, but who cares!? It got chosen, I can list it on a resume, and I'm going to be EXHIBITED!! How freaking cool.

I called my mom ASAP and told her. She was ELATED. I like when good things happen. I wish it was a little more spread out than ALLLLL at once. But hey, I am NOT complaining.

I dropped off a scholarship application to the Women's Center today at the last minute. I don't know how many people are up for that, but I hope I get it! And there's a Nathaniel Rochester Society

OH! And Adam was here this weekend and it was freak ing joyous and we had a blast! It was seriously one of the best weekends I've had in Rochester and I'm so glad he was here to enjoy it. AND I GOT TO LAY IN THE GRASS TODAY BECAUSE IT WAS LOVELY OUT!

I am having the BEST WEEK EVER.
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Time:04:46 am
look ridiculously hot?
win a heavy award that looks like an oscar?
get $500 for photography?
schmooze with some important people in the industry?
free alcohol?
get a bunch of business cards?
go to an after party with some more important people?
finally get in bed at almost 5am?

all yes.

(ps: we won! thank gosh my boyfriend did our design.)

Edit: 1:25pm:My scan is going to be the cover of my school's Reporter magazine! The whole school is gonna see it, I get paid more, and I still have my photos in the article that I get paid for, too. This weekend is just too good to be true. But I still wish I was in Vermont though :(

3:45pm: And I just won a $50 gift certificate to my school's bookstore! What is going on?? This weekend just keeps getting better!
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Subject:did i mention??
Time:01:44 am
i got a 4.0 this quarter.
i am so smart.
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Time:10:52 am
every day should be started an hour earlier than normal (or a half hour for people who are kind of like me and can't wake up).
this is so your daily dose of good energy music can be enjoyed.
it uplifts you and your day.
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[icon] The unreal is more powerful than the real.
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